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SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 3.x: Ideal Architecture Skillset

BusinessObjects Enterprise Infrastructure provides the basic messaging mechanism needed for BusinessObjects Enterprise components to communicate with one another. The Enterprise Infrastructure is a series of services that are designed to communicate via CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture), which runs over TCP/IP.

Some CORBA applications use a name server. The name server service is a facility of the underlying CORBA architecture that binds the BusinessObjects Enterprise servers together. The name server provides a directory of the servers registered in the

BusinessObjects Enterprise environment and helps establish connections between clients and these servers. The name server service is a part of the Central Management Server (CMS).

There are 5 Tiers to the BusinessObjects Server Architecture model. These tiers comprises of:

  1. User Tier: End Users’ Systems (Desktops, Laptops, HandHeld Devices, PDAs)
  2. Web-Application Tier: Users make requests to this Web-App server (Tomcat, Weblogic, WebSphere, etc.) and it processes the Pages for user’s view
  3. Intelligence Tier: This Tier consists of Servers (BO specific) which can decide the validation process. The decisions on whether to process the request or what processing server will further process this request.
  4. Processing Tier: After the Validation, this tier decides and formulates the processing of the user’s request. This will further look into the Data tier to ask for the data requested
  5. Data Tier: At last, the data will be fetched from this Tier.

A Business Objects Professional should have sound Knowledge of Process Flows and Jobs of specific Servers are important to further drill into the architecture. To further enhance the Load-balancing / Failover features and high performance optimization features, there are concepts like CLUSTERING, and Distributed Deployments. Cross Domain Architectures (blend of Windows & UNIX) are also implemented to meet those purposes. Concepts like Migration, Version Management, User Security are the ones, we should be well versed with, in order to meet the interviewers’/ Projects’ expectations

Apart from the Architecture (Administration), candidate following BI Stack should also practice these concepts:

Implementation, Deployment (All WebApp Servers), Sizing, Distributed Deployments, Clustering, Migration, Troubleshooting Issues, Networking


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